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When you reach the point of no return, when you reach the point of giving up, and when you reach the point whereas you just don't have enough wind to keep breathing some will say this is a dangerous point or dangers zone in your life, but God says this is the exact place I want and need you to be so you can depend on me. We look for answers, we search with a worried mind and disposition, stressed out, broken, feeling unrepairable. In those moments, while feeling depressed, rejected, lonely, and full of despair, it’s in those times, God is right there waiting for you.

When an individual is in a domestic violence situation their hope is so far gone that they can not grasp the concept of a balanced way of thinking for themselves or even their children. Abuse is a learned behavior from a troubled and trapped individual with their own demons of failure and unanswered questions. Abuse spills over like a shaken bottle of Pepsi, pop the can and an overflow of uncontrollable substance burst out.

Here we are dealing with the CoronaVirus everything has been turned upside down, lives have been altered, individuals are shaken with fear and the church faith has been tested. Many have contracted this virus, many have taken measures to protect themselves, and many have died. Years have gone by where the seriousness of the virus called Domestic Violence have been mishandled, overlooked and not taken seriously, whereas many have experienced it, many have attempted to protect themselves, and many have died.

Now being on lock-down here in our individual homes many victims are faced not of fear from this epidemic but fear of being home with their abuser and being abused.

Coping with Domestic Violence during COVID-19

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